Two tiny little anchors

of bright and shiny gold.

Few know of their significance

or the treasure that they hold.

To civilians, they’re just little pins

to put on Sailors’ collars.

And in boot camp they just signify

the ones who always hollers.

To a Seaman these two anchors

have power and control.

To a Navy Petty Officer

these anchors are a goal.

But ask a Chief who’s been there

what those anchors signify.

And they’ll get a lump swelled in their throat

and a tear will fill their eyes.

These anchors have traditions

and history of beliefs.

They’ve been passed for generations

like a torch amongst the Chiefs.

They signify the people

who has helped with their career?

And the Chiefs who guided them along

and somehow got them here.

They’re a symbol of a brotherhood/sisterhood

a fraternity of pride.

Worn by those who fought for freedom

they shine bright for those who died.

They’re a feeling you get inside

And it’s one we Chiefs have known.

That no matter where you go in life

If a Chiefs there….you are home.

Now these tiny little anchors

worn by Active Chiefs.

And for many Chiefs that has retired

active Chiefs will be left to fill their shoes

So wear these shiny anchors

let your heart fill up with pride.

Earn respect, not for the uniform

but for the Chief, you are inside.

Take good care of the younger Sailors

be a Chief who truly cares.

And someday they will think of you

as the Chief “who got them there”.

And those shiny little anchors

will continue to be passed.

To the many Chiefs who come and go

in the Navy big and vast.

They will shine there on the collars

of the ones with strong beliefs.

That once you pin those anchors on

You will always be…..



4 thoughts on “THE ANCHORS OF “THE CHIEF”

  1. John K says:

    My first division chief had 2 ships go down in WWII and ended up on Nimitz’s staff for the surrender in Tokyo. Fortunately I was a smart enough Ensign to listen to my Senior Chief and not do anything stupid.


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