By Mister Mac

I share them with all who have gone through the same crucible. They (like us) were forged in pressure. They were quenched in the waters of the darkest parts of the ocean. They symbolize a tradition that is shared by only a few. Fire, flooding and the crashing of the waves above us only strengthened their character. They cannot be given, they must be earned. They cost little but their value is immense. They are silver and they are gold. But they are bonded together in shared sacrifice and duty.


3 thoughts on “THESE ARE MINE

  1. Donald (Don) Kuhn) says:

    Garland – Really like your articles. I think anyone that was in the Navy would. I was a FT3 on three different Destroyer Escorts. I am also the reunion planner for the USS LEWIS DE-535. We have an active membership with many of them not doing the computer thing.

    We put out a “Quartermaster Notebook” every quarter. We have an active membership of shipmates from WWII, Korean War, and the Cold War between Korea and before Vietnam. Our ship was decommissioned in May of 1960. I read every article that you place on Facebook.

    I am asking your permission to copy certain articles and place them in our Notebook for our Shipmates to enjoy. Even if they are on the computer, I am sure they are not in the group.

    It would be greatly appreciated.


    Don Kuhn, USS LEWIS DE-535 (1958-196


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