Getting out of the Navy? Looking for work? Good Luck!

Sea Stories and other lies

No matter how much you love the Navy (and this can change dramatically over the course of the day), you have to get out some time. When this happens, whether you retire or simply get out after your enlistment is complete, you are going to need to get another job.

While you have been serving your country, you have received many heartfelt thanks for your service. Unfortunately that gratitude does not put actual food on the table and no matter how patriotic the public is, nobody is going to pay you a livable wage to sit around the VFW telling sea stories. Trust me, I have looked into this.

So how are you going to get by? If you are lucky, you chose a rate that you love and transfers easily into civilian employment. If you are like me, you didn’t. You instead chose a rate that has no standard…

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2 thoughts on “Getting out of the Navy? Looking for work? Good Luck!

  1. Richard Honaker BTC says:

    Very true artical. Last tour was an Instructor at Pressure Fired Boilers Great Lakes, Il. for the Navy. When I retired moved into Instructor at the College Of Lake County, Great lakes, Il. Instructor on the Naval Base for General Engineering for Naval Personnel. Left there after a couple of years and then went to the Foxboro Company and set up Foxboro Controllers. Did not like all the travel so I moved on to a Golf Course as Chemical Treatment of the greens. Was not satisfied there after a couple of years and finally found the right job. Worked for Barrette Outdoor Living as the Maintenance Repair Coordinator for Maintenance. Worked in Purchasing maintaining stock for the operations of the plant. Worked there almost 20 years and finally retired for good. My rate as a BT helped me out after retiring from the Navy. The Navy was the best choice I every made in my life.


  2. William Mitchell says:

    I got out of the Navy July 1968 I had no problem getting a job because of the draft. I got a job with UPS right away because all the young men were being drafted.
    I worked there for about a month and realized I was not having any fun. I had a pocket full of money but no fun lol.
    I went down to my recruiter and he told me I had 3 days to make my mind up and I would be out of the Navy for ninth days and I would lose my 3rd class crow. I was sworn back in on my 90th day best decision I ever made. I stayed in for 23 years.


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