USS San Jose AFS-7

USS San Jose AFS-7

By John Petersen

She was no Battleship, not by any stretch of the imagination. She wasn’t a Super Carrier, a sleek Frigate or Destroyer, nor a guided missile toting Cruiser or unseen sub, though she most likely dreamed of being such. Yet she was the unsung heroine, there at all times along with her stablemates of the auxiliary fleet, at the ready to ensure those big carriers and other fierce and stealthy ships were always fueled and full of needed supplies to fulfill their duties. She steamed the oceans continuously, a quick stay inport to load up, then back out to to replenish her warriors. Tired as she may have been at times she never stalled, for she knew what was required of her, and she, along with a dedicated and seemingly tireless crew, gave everything to keep going. And going. Life in Engineering was no picnic, as I know life in any other of departments were, but it was a challenge, to say the least. I miss her, as I’m sure all who’ve toiled aboard her do, she was and will always be a part of my life that will never be forgotten.

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6 thoughts on “USS San Jose AFS-7

  1. Richard Honaker BTC says:

    Great. I was also on a Destroyer Tender (USS Tidewater) and a Sub Tender (Uss Frank Cable) We may not have been the fighters but we ensured that the fighters were repaired and fueled. I miss those ships. Both have been decomissioned


  2. Robert Kardos says:

    Plank owner on the USS Samuel Gompers AD-37. Never saw or had a female crew member. Made the Gompers first two cruises before I got out of the Navy. I loved that ship, came off of the USS Boxer Lph-4 to the Gompers. I thought I was checking into a hotel.


  3. Mark Cramer says:

    Was an Aviator on the Magnificent 7 HC3 Det 110 flying the H46 end of 1974. An interesting cruise to say the least.


  4. Bill Moss says:

    HC5 Det 4 1985 cruise. A great ship, crew and CPO Mess. The Skipper, CAPT Giest was the best! Treated the Air Det like we were Ships Company. Great cruise and I won’t even go into Chiefs Initiation in FREEMANTLE!!! LMMCPOAO


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