She and San Miguel

She and San Miguel

By Garland Davis

Well, here I go again

Savoring that Shit River wind

Waiting for liberty to go down

Made it up Cemetery Hill

Hell bent on getting down

To the lights of Barrio town

Cause she and San Miguel drive me crazy

Tonight, I have the Pesonality

I think this night might kill me

Once is one time too many and twice just ain’t enough

Thirty days and nights

Putting up a fight on that gunline

Subic is there with Shit River on the wind

It’s not easy to forget

Her face the morning I left

I swore I’d make it there again

When it comes to San Miguel and her

Oh, the damage she can do

It’s always her favorite sins that do me in

Once is one time too many and twice just ain’t enough

Never enough, she and San Miguel


4 thoughts on “She and San Miguel

  1. Manuel Pia says:

    Brings back memories…I really like your poetic style.
    Writing my own historical fiction on Navy aviation. Be putting up my own blog soon. Looking forward to see more of your musings.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. glennlepien says:

    Got “Hooked” the first time across “Shit-River” .. and a thousand times more was still not enough .. and boy do I still want to go back even now .. USN-WestPac-r for Life.

    Liked by 1 person

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