What’s In a Name?

What’s In a Name?

By Garland Davis

I became a cook striker in 1962 at NAS Lemoore, Calif. There was a CS2 who worked at the Main Galley named Yokum. There was a cS2 at the Branch Galley named Yoakum. They were known as ‘Mammy’ Yokum and ‘Pappy’ Yoakum.

A Deck Department Leading Seaman named Smith in USS Vesuvius during the ‘62 cruise got into a fight with some sailors from USS Cacapon and whipped about three of them. At CO’s mast, when the Captain asked what happened he replied, “Captain, they were bad-mouthing the Vesuvius and I put some Itai’s on their asses.” He became known as ‘Itai’ Smith.

I served in an Oceangoing Tug with a 44 man crew. The oldest crewmember was an RM1 who was 31. He was known as ‘Pops.’

I knew two twin brothers in San Diego who were named Duty. They were known as ‘Jury’ Duty and ‘Extra’ Duty.

There was a fellow named Jury who became ‘Hung’ Jury.

Jim ‘Hambone’ Hampton told me of a girl he recruited named Sherlock who became ‘No Shit’ Sherlock

I had an MS2 who was from a Deep South state. His middle name, I believe, was supposed to have been Alfred but whoever wrote in on his Birth Certificate spelled it Alfurd. He became known as ‘Furd.’

I had a friend named Muise who was known as ‘Moose.’ He is on perpetual patrol in USS Thresher.

There was a Senior Chief named Hauxhurst who could fart any time he wanted. We called him ‘Windy.’

My baby brother reported as a BM2 to First Lieutenant’s Division at Fleet Activities Yokosuka. The Chief asked his name. He said, “Ray Salmons.” The Chief said you look like a ‘Moon Pie’ to me. He became a Yokosuka and Subic legend as ‘Moon Pie.’

There was a QM named Rudder who carried the name ‘Left Full’ Rudder.

I served with a SM2 whose Japanese girlfriend had a Chihuahua dog. He went to her house after having a few at the PO Club. The dog was barking at him, so he got on his hands and knees and growled at the animal. The little bug-eyed bastard cut his face up. Fourteen stitches. We called him ‘Dog’ after that.

I had an MS3 named White who was African American and an MS3 named Black who was Caucasian. Of course, they were called ‘Whitey’ and ‘Blackie.’ They were overheard using their nicknames greeting each other by an Airdale officer who put them on report for creating a racial incident.

Then there were nicknames that went with a person’s rating:

SM – ‘Flags’; ‘Skivvy Waver’;

BM – ‘Boats’

SH – ‘Skivvy Dipper’

CS/MS – ‘Cookie’; Stewburner’; ‘Gut Robber’; ‘Doughhead’

GM – ‘Muzzle Fucker’; ‘Guns’

RM – ‘Sparks’; ‘Radio Girls’

HM – ‘Peter Machinist’; ‘Dick Smith’; ‘Nurse’; ‘Chancre Mechanic’; ‘Pecker Checker’; and of course, ‘Doc.’

I am sure you can add many other names.


4 thoughts on “What’s In a Name?

  1. Had a RDSN named Beeron, said the nurse came in when he was born and asked his mother what she was going to name him, she said, “His name be Ron,” so she wrote it down. Beeron!


  2. Had a ridge runner from Northern Arkansas, we called him Yonder. When he was going thru qualls and he was asked where a certain valve or pump was he would point and day yonder.


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