4 thoughts on “USS Forrsetal

  1. Roger Wechter says:

    Very well done. Accurate and one of the best accounts that I have seen over the years.
    I was one of those sailors aboard that fateful day. I almost lost my life.
    I thank you for putting this together.


  2. Kevin Tilton says:

    I had a chance to work on the ship, docked in mayport. I cleaned all the rust and remaid the metal under the gun torrents by the elevators


  3. Terry Beary says:

    Thank-you for adding even more interesting accounts to the film of this fire; which I was shown for our firefighting/damage control training back in 1974.
    I have never forgotten the lessons learned from this tragic event.
    I was stationed aboard the USS PONCE LPD-15 while in the navy when I received this helpful training. ⚓️


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