LBFM or Something

A shipmate sent the above photo and challenged me to write a story for my Blog about her. Here is what I came up with:

LBFM or Something

By:  Garland Davis

We all know at least a dozen LBFM’s.  The one featured in this story was a little more L and B than most sailors would meet during a safari into the wilds of Magsaysay Street or if one was brave enough, the Barrio, or even Subic City.  She wasn’t a great conversationalist, but there was something alluring about her smile.  As a matter of fact, she was butt fuckin ugly.  But as the number of San Miguels or glasses of Mojo were consumed, one would begin to see beauty where none existed.

She wasn’t the ugliest girl I ever woke up with, but she is a goddamned strong second.

I will say that she could do many tricks swinging on a six-inch penis as long as I could keep her from swinging on the clothesline like a monkey.


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