You’ve Finally Made It To Subic

You’ve Finally Made It To Subic

By: John Petersen

Finally off watch, it’s been one helluva night.

Six in the morning, no more fluorescent light.

Been almost three weeks since the lines have been pulled,

just the sight of anything but water would be like finding gold!

The last couple of days, they’ve been strangely upbeat,

To assume the crew is anxious is, safely bet, a simple feat.

Liberty’s a’comin’, God knows we’ve all earned it!

Several weeks of continuous watches and work, no break from the grit.

Always hearing the stories, of debauchery and fun,

this next place to visit holds no candle to anything under the sun.

Out on the fantail for a smoke then fresh air,

off in the distance is the sight that all have desired to ensnare!

Finally here! Can it be true?

Will the truth come forth, from all the tales others spew?

Only time will tell, for within a few hours,

life will do a 180, all aboard will be under it’s powers.

We’ve finally made it, worked our asses off for it,

this place called P.I., and the Gods be thanked, no shit!

After all is secure, and standing on unmoving ground,

link up with your buddies and head towards where treasures abound!

First stop of course, and this is required,

is the famous money exchange, how else will your night be mired?

Today’s rate is 21 to 1, oh damn what a deal!

All the San Miguel’s you can drink, and more than one meal!

For if all the stories you’ve heard prove to be fact and not fiction,

You’re in for one unforgettable night, all fun and no bitchin’!

Past the front gate you go, the MP’s stare you simply ignore,

let him think what he will, you’ve new lands to explore!

First order of business as you have been instructed to adhere,

is crossing Shit River, second only to obtaining Shellback status you hear.

The river queens, all dressed up (or down) and calling for your sight,

along with their ‘assistants’, who’ll dive for Peso’s day and night. (ugh!)

Stopping to grab a pack of black market smokes,

Time to venture forth, many fires that require continual stokes.

Hundreds of offerings on this street called Magsaysay,

The lights, the noise, the girls, so much candy for the eye.

You’ve finally made it to Subic, this land of low standards and high hopes,

activities abound that would clearly upset Popes!

The sights, the smells, these get your heart a pumpin’,

it seems from all directions the music is a bumpin’.

A cacophony of noise, people, glitter and colors abound,

seems almost more than the brain can take and still hold its ground.

At each door at least two honey’s beckon you in,

very pretty they are, their charms alone raise little bumps on the skin.

They appear to be everywhere, flesh the color of root beer brown,

you can’t blink once without seeing a thousand more in town.

Throwing caution to the wind you choose your first stop,

of what seems like a million of stops you’ll definitely hop.

Convincing your buddies, ’cause the CO set the word,

“The Buddy System is enforced, no arguments to be heard”.

Ah, yes, Magsaysay, your avenue to moral descent,

Whoever said “What goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas”,

Obviously not a minute on this street they spent!

No sooner than the moment your foot graces the door,

Mamasan and her charming charges escort you across the floor.

Not quite firmly seated and ingesting your first gulp of beer,

You have a new friend, one who finds your lap comfortable and clear.

And with the charm of a litter of kittens, she’ll wiggle and ask you so nicely,

“You buy me drink? Pay bar pine? It not too pricey”.

For one, you think, it’s way too early on your first night’s foray,

To sink for one so seemingly sweet, so early this eve, no way!

Secondly, you think, there’s too much to do, too much to see.

‘All the stories I’ve been told, tonight the truth for me!

Let’s see if they hold water, these tales of dark fun and lust,

I’ll find the truth or die trying, this accomplishment a must’.

Bidding farewell to your little lap warmer now all alone,

You gather up your buddies and Northward you all shall roam.

Just remember one thing, as you sample each place and watch every penny,

That the warm little wiggly thing on your lap just may have been named Benny!

(There may be more to be told…)

MM1 Petersen


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