Getting Along to Branson

Getting Along to Branson

By Garland Davis


He is getting closer to older

there he is though

this Sunday evening

making his way.


Freeze in his stride

cane in hand

pain is his back

causes him to walk hunched over.


Past the Burger King.

On past Gates 8 & 9.

Pause at the drinks kiosk for a moment.

Shakes head and moves on.


This way each May for five years.

Other airlines, other destinations.

He single-mindedly moves on

to the same gate and the same flight.


To the Windy City far to the East.

Then South to a more hospitable clime.

Hoping his bags are coming along.

Sometimes they don’t.


His action speaks

my independence I’ll keep.

I won’t lay down and die.

I’ll see my shipmates in Branson.


At least one more time.