By Garland Davis

A description of butterflies from Wikipedia

Butterflies are insects in the macrolepidopteran clade Rhopalocera from the order Lepidoptera, which also includes moths. Adult butterflies have large, often brightly colored wings, and conspicuous, fluttering flight. The group comprises the large superfamily Papilionoidea, which contains at least one former group, the skippers (formerly the superfamily “Hesperioidea”) and the most recent analyses suggest it also contains the moth-butterflies (formerly the superfamily “Hedyloidea”). Butterfly fossils date to the Paleocene, which was about 56 million years ago.

Butterflies flutter from flower to flower feeding…

A description of butterplies from Angela, a hostess at an unnamed Olongapo club.

“A Butterfly is a Snipe Somamabitch who steadies with you and tells you he lubes you only you and the next time his ship comes to Subic he sneaks around to see that pucking Melly who works at Marilyn’s. Everybody knows why sailors go to that place. If that was what he wanted, I would try.”

“Pucking Butterply Somamabitch no good Goddamn sailors.”

“Oh, well. That is lipe.”

“Oh, that sailor is new. He is cute.”

“Hi, oh you snipe…I like snipe! You buy me drink?”

Butterplies flutter from hostess to hostess…


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