Honey Bee and Stick Dogs

Honey Bee and Stick Dogs

By Larry Fordyce

Well you know, some things have changed in Yokosuka over the years but the last stop for every drunken sailor still stands with neon lights as bright as ever…

Thank you, Honey Bee for feeding drunken sailors. Who knows how long it has been there? It was there in 79 when I arrived… it looked old at that time. I sometimes wonder how many sailors before me bought them corn dogs before stumbling back to their ship in the late night or early hours of the morning.


One thought on “Honey Bee and Stick Dogs

  1. Marc Sahr says:

    After pounding our $4 per case Oly at the Westerner (checking in a case was 1000 yen then) – at 2330 the bar closed and Honey Bee’s was usually the last stop before crossing 16, through the gate, and back to Pier 2. Midrats for the Honch crowd! They were 100 yen then – maybe 33 cents? Great times.


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