Awakening Senses

Awakening Senses

By Garland Davis

My Shiba-dog expands my world.

One day she sniffs the trail of a Mongoose, or is it a cat?

Another day she finds a freshly dug hole, dog or treasure hunter?

On yet another, she brings a moldy tennis ball she has found.

Mongoose, treasure, or a discarded ball.

The world is more varied than I imagined.


There are the things

She doesn’t show me – but I see when I take her out.

The sun, turning the sky red and gold as it rises over Pearl Harbor.

The setting full moon over the Waianae Mountains.

As each glorious day begins.


As I stand and watch the warship on the horizon.

Inbound to port with the new day.

I realize my awakening senses will bring wonder.

To the rest of my days.


What else will I come to know

I’ve been missing

By not seeing?


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