I Was Mugged at UPS

I Was Mugged at UPS

By Garland Davis

If you ever considered shipping a stick from Branson, Missouri to Honolulu, don’t do it!

My shipmate and brother Cort Willoughby presented me with a unique cane during the sixth Asia Sailor Westpac’rs reunion last week in Branson. It didn’t fit in my luggage and was too long for the overhead bins in some of the aircraft. I decided to use FedEx or UPS to ship it to my home in Hawaii.

I found the address for the UPS facility and Hambone and I set out to locate it. After the Garmin in his rental car totally confused the hell out of us, we were eventually successful.

I informed the young woman behind the counter of my desire to ship the cane. Now I once shipped a Kindle via UPS to Jerry Juliana in West By God from Hawaii. The sweet young thing in Branson asked me for my zip code and then told me my name and address. Facial recognition?

That sweet young blonde measured and weighed the cane punched a bunch of numbers and crap into a computer and then mugged my dumb ass.

I paid $226.33 to ship a two-pound stick from Branson to Waipahu. It was delivered today.

On the positive side, I am now the proud owner of enough foam shipping peanuts to fill a shitcan.


5 thoughts on “I Was Mugged at UPS

  1. Kevin Murray says:

    Garland, if that walking stick is all wood, you could have taken it on the plane. ADA laws says they can’t take a cane from you. HIPAA laws say they can’t even require you tell them why you need it. For a little follow up, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_0lZxxDNZg
    Keep writing, brother. Ken Murray, (RD3, USS McCloy DE-1038, NavSta Newport)


  2. Earl Knipe says:

    The Postal Service would have shipped it for you much cheaper and safely. 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


  3. Robert Moore says:

    Those packing “peanuts” float real good – will be useful if you find yourself up shit creek without a canoe.


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