What is a Snipe???

I found this in my WHEEL BOOK from somewhere from ’66-’69


Snipes come in assorted sizes, shapes, weights and colors.

They can be found in Fire Rooms, Oil Labs, Engine Rooms, Evaporator Spaces,

Machine Shops, Generator Rooms, Boat Shops and occasionally in their racks

but never above the third deck.

A snipe is happiest with a wrench in his hand, sadness with a salty feed bottom, mysterious as he pours over a blueprint and the hope of the future with sweat on his brow.

Snipes like water, liberty call, NSFO, chocolate cake, lusty broads, coffee, payday,

cold weather, German beer and each other.

They dislike airdales, the tropics, air ops, unrep, flat chested broads, aviators, O.D.’s boatswains

mates and more airdales.

An examination of the contents of a snipes locker will usually turn up of the following objects:

A wallet with $2.00, an ID card, 3 Geneva Convention Cards, 19 pictures of his family, the latest reject from the bureau stating that 11 years sea duty are not quite enough time for shore duty, one screwdriver, some assorted nuts and bolts, a grease pencil with no grease, a “WHEEL” book full of dates decipherable only to him, 2 band aids and a glob of substance known affectionately as “MONKEYSHIT”.

You may lock him out of the log room but you cannot keep him out of your heart—for a SNIPE can raise your strong morals and give you a fresh outlook on life with these simple words:::

“I got the (&*^##(&*&^#!@ thing back on the line SIR”!!

Larry Baasch