Warrior Brother

Warrior Brother

Author Unknown

We bid them farewell as we man the rail.
Let us be Joyous and let us not weep
For those who have now crossed over the deep.
When a Sailor’s last roll call is made
His final embarking shan’t be delayed.
So lower the Colors, let them be furled
Each time a Sailor disembarks this world.
The crew onboard in Heaven awaits
The Eternal reunion of their shipmates.
They’ll be welcomed home by those onboard
Moored in peaceful waters with the Lord.
As he approaches, he’ll call “Ahoy! The ship!”
Now in safe harbor, an Eternal trip.
Then he’ll hear “Sailor on deck! Hoist the flag!,”
“Help him get settled! Help stow his seabag!”
Be it known that it’s a Divine remand
To ship in Heaven, ye Seafaring Man.
On permanent station forevermore
Peaceful duty for Veterans of war.
And when he’s weighed anchor for the last time
We’ll Honor his memory so sublime.
We’ll all reminisce and hoist a brew
In a Toast of Honor to the crew.

Rest Easy, Warrior Brother, We have the Watch!


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