A Sailor You Be-

A Sailor You Be

By Unknown

Have you felt the salt spray, upon your face?

Have you seen the porpoise at the bow, keeping pace?

Have you viewed sea birds, above the wake in flight?

Have you fixed on a star, at sunset burning bright?

Has there been a time, to save a shipmate?

Has the roll of the deck, ever kept you awake?

Has the vastness of the sea, left you feeling alone?

Has a foreign port, made you wish you were home?

If you have weighed anchor, from calm shelter.

If you have crossed the equator, at noon time swelter.

If you have stood your watch, on a pitching deck.

If you have made landfall, on the horizon a speck.

When you have secured the deck, for the night to turn in.

When you have mustered at sunrise, seen a new day begin.

When you have dogged down hatches, in a mountainous sea.

When you have known all these things, a sailor you be.


8 thoughts on “A Sailor You Be-

  1. Bruce says:

    It has been 57 years since I have been to sea in a U.S. Navy ship but everything mentioned is clear in my mind as if it was today.
    Fond memories.


  2. Ken Ritter says:

    The wind in your hair, salt spray in your face, the feel of a pitching deck under your feet, and the promise of an exotic port just over the horizon… My God!… What more can a man ask for?


  3. Don says:

    As we hear the guns go off
    Screams we hear when bombs hit us
    Men running everywhere smell of smoke fuel and burning flesh
    We all wish we were home
    As nighttime swallows us up. You look up and see the stars.
    Listen closely you hear a whale calling for its mate.
    You smell the air again so fresh clean. Like nothing happen at all.
    So why are we hear were sailors that ye be until eternity.


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