USS Sacramento AOE-1

USS Sacramento AOE-1

Sacramento is considered a benchmark in West Coast shipbuilding. The ship and two of her sister ships, Seattle (AOE-3) and Detroit (AOE-4), are the largest ships ever built on the West Coast as of 2005. Only Iowa-class battleships and aircraft carriers have greater displacements than Sacramento.

The ship’s main engines came from the never-completed battleship Kentucky (BB-66) and delivered in excess of 100,000 shaft horsepower (75 MW) to two 23-foot (7 m) screws weighing 19.25 tons each, the largest on any ship in the Navy.

Sacramento was the fastest AOE (fast combat support ship) ever. The Sacramento routinely went head-to-head in speed runs and won against the west coast’s AOE’s, including the Camden (AOE-2) and the Rainier (AOE-7). Sacramento also beat the fastest of the east coast AOE’s, including the Detroit (AOE-4) and the Arctic (AOE-8) in head-to-head competition.

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12 thoughts on “USS Sacramento AOE-1

  1. Harry Byers says:

    Somehow or another USS Seattle was one foot longer than the Sacramento, Camden and Detroit. Story I was told was because she was built at PSNS, yard workers added the foot so the yard could say Seattle was the biggest.


    • Martin Parr says:

      I was aboard USS Thomaston LSD28, 73-76, didn’t know there was a USS Thomason DD760. Thomason was my wife’s maiden name.


  2. Bill Eldred says:

    Cruised on the Sac WESTPAC 80 (HC-11 Det 6). A fine ship…plenty of room, food, water (Hollywood showers every night!).


  3. Nice piece of history indeed! As we all know the shipyards have stopped building ship’s that keep on steamin’. The shipyards are trying to impress Big Navy with all this new high tech nonsense.


  4. Ted Dale says:

    Served aboard the USS SACRAMENTO on two WESTPACS in the 70’s. I remember one time in the Straights of Hormuz when we beat the USS MIDWAY from a dead stop to a full power run. Good times.


  5. roddy104 says:

    USS Detroit AOE4 was my First Duty Station, 1972-1976. I became part of OI Division, and sent to Great Lakes for RD A School. Detroit was a Great First Duty, it really must have been, I Re-enlisted in 1976. Loved It


  6. Aaron Veach says:

    Served 1970-1971 as IC 3 & IC2. Witnessed multiple “drag races” following UNREPS. The Sac was quick and we never lost except to the Oklahoma City! One loss over two cruises. Loved the duty but finished my hitch and went home. Don’t regret either.


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