Ian Brown

This dog’s name was Gunner. My uncle brought him back from WW2.  He was raised and slept under my uncle’s anti-aircraft gun. The gun crew shared their rations to feed him. By the time he was 18 months old, my uncle said he would stand up and look at the sky. If he lay back down they knew all was ok. If he growled and put his hackles up they got at the ready. Gunner knew the sound of the German aircraft and my uncle said he never got it wrong. He said Gunner was better than any early warning system. I’m probably the only one left in the family that knows this story now. I thought I’d tell it before it’s lost forever as many stories from that time must be.


2 thoughts on “Gunner

  1. Mike Maynor says:

    I have heard that there were a couple of ships back then that also had a dog who could do the same thing. I’m assuming it was true.

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