Chief for The Day

Chief for The Day

As told by Gere Sprague

Talking with Gere yesterday. He told me this story.

He was the leading Chief in First Division of an aircraft carrier. He told me that he made it a practice to go to the ship each day, even on weekends to ensure that his division was completing assigned work.

He said he was planning to take special liberty on a normal work day. He told his BM1 LPO that he wouldn’t be there and that the Petty Officer should consider himself the Chief for the day.

He completed his business early and decided to go to the ship to see if BM1 and the division were functioning properly. He arrived there shortly after the noon meal and went to check on the afternoon muster. The BM2 was conducting the muster and making work assignments. The Chief asked where BM1 was. The BM2 told him that BM1 had left the ship for lunch and hadn’t returned.

The next morning, he took BM1 aside and asked him where he went and why he wasn’t there for the afternoon muster.

The First Class replied, “I went to the club for lunch.”

The BMC asked, “Why didn’t you come back after lunch?”

The PO1 said, “Well you told me I was the Chief!”


One thought on “Chief for The Day

  1. ROY SANTOS says:

    I believe that story, but I’m not sure who the First Class would be at that time as I was on the USS MIDWAY with Gere at that time. It could’ve been a number of First Classes to name a few. BM1 GOODSELL, BM1 CUDDAHY, BM1 CONASTER !! BMC Gere Sprague was/is a Fine Navy BOATSWAINMATE !!


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