You stand no watch alone

You stand no watch alone.

By: Richard H. Thayer Jr

When you are out there, on that mid-watch, alone, you might question why you are there, and if anyone really cares.

I care. We all care. Our hearts are with you, and we stand every watch with you. The work you do, the work ALL Sailors do, is protecting so many of us who depend on you, whether we realize it or not. We are so proud.

You stand no watch alone.

The spirits of seafarers from time immemorial stand with you, uncountable generations long since relieved of their ephemeral watches, huddled in their oilskins, shivering for some measure of warmth in the icy rain. You stand where they stood. You are their proud legacy.

You stand no watch alone.

You stand solitary sentry, steadfast in the obligation you accepted when you swore your oath to stand in harm’s way. You protect the Navy, and the Navy protects us all. You stand with the hopes of millions of Americans and their trust that you will be true to your vow.

You stand no watch alone.

From the birth of our country until now, many Americans have never known the full import of what you do, and what you are willing to do, to protect them. They lie in cozy beds while the world struggles in chaos, oblivious to the millions who serve their duties, uphold their oaths, stand their lonely watches, and dedicate their livelihoods – nay, even their very lives – to make that simple comfort a reality. Indeed, in the words of a famous quote, one I believe is derived from the collected writings of George Orwell, “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

You stand no watch alone.

I stand with you. I salute you for your sacrifice, and for the life you have chosen. May a benevolent God rest his loving hand on your shoulder, keep you company in the bleak night and continue to stoke the fire in your heart.

You stand no watch alone.


2 thoughts on “You stand no watch alone

  1. Earl Osborn says:

    Well said. Early in my career I sometimes wondered why I had a certain watch. Then I grew up and realized that no matter the conditions of my watch, someone had stood it under worse conditions.


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