Blockades do work


One of my earliest memories as a kid was the story about the Cuban Missile Crisis. While there were many parts to this story, the one that I remember most was the Naval Blockade.

October 22, 1962 – President John F. Kennedy orders a surface blockade of Cuba to prevent Soviet offensive weapons from reaching Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis. By forcefully employing U.S. naval forces, President John F. Kennedy is able to achieve his strategic objectives and deal with a dangerous and well-armed Soviet Union without war.

I would be interested to hear from those who served during that time about their experiences.

Mister Mac

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One thought on “Blockades do work

  1. Johnny Williams says:

    I was 14 years old. I remember watching every newscast and reading every article about the blockade because a close friend of my Dad’s was a Navy Commander & CO of one of the Destroyers involved in the blockade. Really neat to be able to put a name with a face during such a historic event. That’s when I new I was going to one day be a member of the Worlds greatest Navy.


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