What’s in a name? : USS Clamagore SS 343


What’s in a name? : USS Clamagore SS 343

It’s been hard the last few years seeing the struggle of the Clamagore. There are so few submarines from her era still afloat and even the thought of losing one is hard for those of us who know their place in history.

These articles are from 1963 and 1971 issues from ALL HANDS Magazine.

The first was about the spelling of the boat’s name. I have to admit, I am guilty of having committed the sin of misspelling Clamagore. As I am looking at my computer right now, I don’t feel so bad though. Even Microsoft has a hard time recognizing the word. Everywhere it is listed on my screen, all the Clamagores are underlined in red. By with a last name like mine (MacPherson) I am fully aware of what its like to have it incorrectly spelled and pronounced.  (For…

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