3 thoughts on “USS Hanson DD-832

  1. Bruce Gabbard says:

    Our first day on sea dragon,
    They threw projectiles all around our lead destroyer,
    Before GQ rang out, all of us were headed from sun bathing on the fan tail to our stations, Except me I was headed to my locker I wanted to get my camera,
    Had never seen anything like that in my life!!!!
    Last day Aug 1st 1967, had just left Forestal, doing search and recovery operations, what a mess, helo’s flying all day.
    Made our run in with out any responce from the shore. Our shot-gun made it’s run in still nothing from the shore, we made our second run and turned to give them a broadside, thats what they were waiting for.
    For the next 10 min or more
    We were taking splashes all around our ship, it was very exciting switching channels on the soundpowered phoned, our last day and we went in just to get combat pay for the month, I was too short for this shit, had 6 weeks to go on my enlistment, took leave in San Francisco met the ship im Mayport, some how missed my re-upment talk, or maybe they just knew better?????


  2. John Hanna says:

    Verifying Fred’s rememberance above. I sent out the message confirming that. If the shot that flew over us had had just a slightly lower trajectory it would have hit the ASROC anx i probably would be here writing this.


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