Sh!t Holes

Sh!t Holes

DURING MY NAVY DAYS, I HAVE BEEN TO A FEW SHITHOLES. ONES THAT COME TO MIND ARE COLUMBO SRI LANKA, MOMABASA, KENYA, AND KARACHI, PAKISTAN. I have to also include Norfolk Va because it is always known to us Navy guys as “shitcity ” for the way they treat the Navy.

How to tell if your ship might be pulling in to a “Shit Hole”:

1. If Doc tells you to update your Gamma Globulin, Yellow Fever, Malaria, Plague, Dysentery, Tetanus, Cholera and other fun immunizations- You might be pulling in to a Shit Hole.

2. If the Chief tells you not to waste your time bringing a radio, cell phone, or any other electronics, as there is no electricity and there are no signals- You might be pulling in to a Shit Hole.

3. If Disbursing tells you the Per Diem rate for the Shore Patrol Beach Det is only $8.00/day, for everything- You might pulling in to a Shit Hole.

4. If the “Area Cultural” briefing is only 30 minutes long, but the briefing on communicable diseases is 3 hours long- You might be pulling in to a Shit Hole.

5. If the “Area Cultural” briefing includes facts that some leaders in the host country keep young boys as sexual slaves- You might be pulling in to a Shit Hole.

6. If the “Area Cultural” briefing includes facts that male members of that society have multiple wives, but also engage in sexual activity with barnyard animals- You might be pulling in to a Shit Hole.

7. If the “Medical Briefing” includes recommendations not to walk barefoot, drink the local water, go near any of the native women, or eat ANY food on the local economy- You might be pulling in to a Shit Hole.

8. If the “Medical Briefing” includes information that the roadside ditches not only serve as flood control but also as a common latrine- You might be pulling in to a Shit Hole.

9. If the Shore Patrol Daily Report for your new port includes an area for “Number of Personnel Med-Evac’ed” from the port for unknown diseases- You might be pulling in to a Shit Hole.

10. If the monetary exchange rate is greater than 100 to 1 for local currency to US Dollars- You might be pulling in to a Shit Hole.

11.If you can smell it from outside the twelve-mile limit when arriving, you might be pulling into a Shit Hole.


7 thoughts on “Sh!t Holes

  1. Bruce Gabbard says:

    I had 6 small pox immunizations in 3 years.
    Does that qualify???
    Plus the corpsmen lost my shot card twice, so I had to take every shot again x2,
    Missed a trip to Misawa Ethopia, and what was French Somoliland, beers 3 3 for a dollar, hooker was 1 us dollar

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  2. tfalee says:

    All so very true. Pakistan, what a shit hole! Since living in Thailand, I have been to Cambodia a few times, in the capitol, the open market simply dump all their trash in the middle of the roads, then a truck comes by each morning to shovel it up, what a shit hole.


  3. Mike P says:

    When the Newport pulled out of Mombasa in 1980, we left a Marine standing on the dock. Seems that he’d contracted a particularly strain of VD, I remember hearing it called the black syphilis. Scuttlebutt had him being assigned to embassy duty until either a cure was found or he EAS’d, at which he would be sent back to the States.


  4. Mike Gardiner says:

    To Bruce Gabbard,
    Excuse me but I can only find Misawa, Japan (island of Hokkaido). Never heard of Misawa Ethiopia and Google couldn’t find it either.
    Que Paseo Shipmate. Drinking too much of the local brew tends to fuck up ones memory banks.


  5. Stephen Futak says:

    Another shit city was New port R.I. When president Nixon closed Newport Naval base because Rhode Island didnt vote for him I was glad to see how many civilians lost their jobs because most jobs served sailors booze and food we were treated with great disrespect and the civilians didnt care they just wanted us to spend our hard earned money or get out of the place who disrespected us Oh yes there is a Masawa Etheopia. When we went through the Suez Canal we stopped at Masawa Ethepoia. Let me tell you guys, I went on liberty in tropical whites, it was sooooo hot there, I walked down the pier into town, it was soooo hot i sweated like a guy wearing dress blues on a hot sunny day. Turned around and went back to the ship..


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