Stolen from Dave Petersen

Painting by Arthur Beaumont

A colorful and fitting tribute to the stalwart Antiaircraft Light Cruiser CL-53 and her World War II accomplishments, U.S.S. SAN DIEGO arrives home to the port of San Francisco on Sept. 14, 1945. This after steaming over more than 300,000 miles in the Pacific in battle and support for more than three years of combat duty. The artist Arthur Beaumont was undoubtedly personally requested to paint her likeness for a naval collector, most likely one of the officers associated with the ship.

Working with watercolors in an aggressive manner to show the diversity of subjects, including a PT-Boat, a destroyer and a troop ship shown meeting SAN DIEGO just inside of mouth of San Francisco Harbor. A flag man sends a message to the returning victors, while two sea planes carry the skies above. The overall artistry of the spectacle is inspirational, and makes one proud of the service and dedication shown by our nation and those in her service.

Launched in July of 1941, she arrived in her namesake port on May 16, 1942 and in escort just missed the battle of Midway. She was instrumental in the first American offensive of the naval war in the action at Guadalcanal, and followed with operations “Galvanic”, “Flintlock”, “Catchpole” as part of Task Force 58. She’d go on to participate in strikes against Japanese territories and their home islands through 1945 until hostilities ceased. A classic tribute to the warship and warriors on their arrival home.

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My Commentary

San Diego was also the first ship to enter Yokosuka on 30 August 1945, three days before the official surrender on 2 September, and tie up at what was to become known as Piedmont Pier.

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