Old Sheepdogs; Old Veterans

How Old Dogs Become Homeless | The Grey Muzzle Organization

A retired sheepdog now lives with the flock he used to protect. He once lived far from his home and the flock to provide from a distance for the flock’s safety and that is what drove him. Drove him to eat, to sleep, to fight. But now, he no longer goes out to fight the wolves anymore but lives among the sheep he once protected. He doesn’t stand guard at night any longer, younger, healthier dogs do so now, watching vigilantly for the lurking enemy.

Now he’s expected to live quietly among the sheep, following the command of the shepherds the flock has chosen to lead them. Sure, there are other retired sheep dogs like him amongst the flock, but they mostly keep to themselves. The sheep start to get scared if the old dogs spend to much time together. So, he spends most days alone, under the suspicious eyes of the flock who not understanding him are always wary that he may pose a threat to them, despite the fact that not so long ago he would have willingly died for them.

They worry that he might snap and hurt them, but they don’t realize that he’s not a threat to them They see his scars and his sharp teeth and they are worried by them’ so they keep their distance. This distance causes him to isolate himself and to resent the sheep. What is his purpose now? Why is he here?

And so it is with the Veteran!!

But know that there are many old sheepdogs and old veterans; old soldiers; old sailors; old marines; and old airman who are willing to stand and fight the wolves again