BT1, Class ‘B’ Brownbagger

By Garland Davis

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I had just finished a night of baking.  I thought my days as Night Baker were finished, but the regular baker was notified of his Dad’s illness, and went to California on Emergency Leave.

The ship had just finished a thirty day period on the gun line off Vietnam and was originally scheduled for a two week availability in Subic before going back out there.  It seems that Raytheon, or maybe it was Black and Decker, had developed some kind of new fire control system and the Powers That Be wanted it to receive a ‘real world’ test off Vietnam.  Four retired Navy CPO’s, Tech Reps, were aboard to install and test the system. Instead of a two week availability, we would get an extra ten days to enjoy the delights of Olongapo.

I turned the Galley over to the Day Watch Captain and walked out to the mess decks for a cup of the fresh coffee that had just been made for breakfast.  BT1 came down the ladder from the 01 level and grabbed a cup. The MDMAA gave him a look that said, “no hanging around the Mess Decks before meals,” but knowing that BT1 and I were tight he refrained from saying anything.  But I knew he would be chipping his teeth to the Chief cook the first chance he got.

BT1 looked as if he had been through a meat grinder. He had an eye that was turning blue, a welt on the side of his head, and a lump on his forehead. “Who kicked your ass?”, I asked.

He said, “You know that Westpac widow that I have been shacking with?”

He had met a Filipina in the EM Club who was married to a second class cook. Her husband was stationed in Da Nang and as BT1 said, “She was puttin’ pussy out of both legs of her drawers. Why not take advantage of it?”

So, he moved in with her.  He told me it was cheaper than running the streets. He said all it cost was a fried chicken dinner at the club every day and a roll of dimes for the slot machines.

He went on to say, “She told me five days ago that she was riding the cotton hobby horse.”


“She started her period.  She told me I ain’t getting no pussy for four or five days. I told her that I wasn’t against BJ’s.  She told me she didn’t do that. So, I said it looks like the street for me.  She said that she had a pretty cousin who would sleep with me while the Red River was flowing. All fucking right!”

He continued, “For the next three days, except for my duty day, I was porking her cousin. Last night she told me that her Menses, who knew there was a fancy name for it, was finished and she would return to sleeping with me.”

“Her cousin was gathering her stuff, gettin’ ready to leave.  I thought that since I had screwed both of them, it would be fun to do a threesome.  When I suggested it, they called me a pervert and kicked the shit out of me.”, he finished.