The Sailor

By Garland Davis

The mother said to the young girl,” Marry the rich man.”

“Mother why?” asked the young girl.

A Doctor, or a Lawyer, a Banker, a Merchant, or a Farmer.  They will provide you with good fortune, ease, and stability.”

“Daughter, Never marry the Romantic, the Troubadour, The Poet, the Vagabond, and never ever the Sailor.  They will bring you heartache and despair.”

“Mother, the Doctor, Lawyer, Banker, and Merchant promised me money, a beautiful house and a chauffeured car. The Farmer promised me the fruits of the earth.”

“The romantic promised me Xanadu. The Troubadour promised me a song and the Poet a verse.”

“Mother dear,” said the young girl. “The sailor promised me Love! I choose the Sailor; I choose Love!”