Shipmate, Knowin’ You

by Garland Davis

Bars & Nightlife | Couples Swept Away Resorts

Shipmate, knowin’ you, there’s a bar on a beach

Knowin’ you, there’s something cold in your hand

And a pretty warm temporary she in your arms

And knowin’ you, you’re still runnin’ wild and free

Shipmate, knowin’ you, It’s time for liberty.

Damn, back then, we were so alive

A couple of kids ridin’ the wheel on the Pike

Holdin’ our breath and dreaming up more

Shipmate, you were goin’ East, me West

We‘d stay in touch, we didn’t

But, Damn, it was good knowin’ you

Shipmate, we fought the war and rode the storms

We didn’t care, we knew we would win

Anticlimactic, and we each went our way

Shipmate, there’s a place in Missouri

I know, I know, too far from the sea

But hey, we’re gettin’ the gang together there

Shipmate, I’m grateful for knowin you

I’ll see you there in Branson come May

Damn Shipmate, it’ll be good again, seein’ you